sony wedding

James + Brittney | Santa Clarita Wedding

I cannot tell you how much fun we had (and how many times I cried) at James + Brittney Gage's wedding (at Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita)! I couldn't help but tear up when I saw James see his beautiful bride for the first time. Their love was so evidently genuine. 

We first met James and Brittney less than a year ago through some mutual friends and it's been a huge blessing to get to know them. There were so many beautiful moments throughout the day and lots of love shared between these two adorable lovebirds! 

James + Simòn | Castaic Wedding

What happens when you bring two strangers together to pose for what looks like the most important day of their lives?

James and Simòn (two complete strangers) readily agreed to be models for our very first mock-wedding shoot. It all started with the purchase of an unbelievably gorgeous $15 thrift store find. When I first bought it, I had no idea who would fit this dress (because of the particular measurements) but I had only one person in mind - Simòn.

As several months passed by, a photo contest emerged which inspired Jake to create some "Just the Groom" (one of the contest categories) shots. We promptly decided last-minute to pull together a wedding shoot in just a few days! We even bought three dresses for the shoot doubting that the thrift store dress would ever fit (which ended up fitting as if it were made for Simòn!!!). A huge shoutout to our wonderful models (James Manzo & Simòn Weber) and our extremely talented florist (Casey Miller from "The Red Letter Mill" - instagram: @theredlettermill)

So what does it look like when two complete strangers pose for what looks like the most important day of their lives? This is what it looks like.