DIY Fruit Pizza

So I came across a recipe for the easiest, most delicious fruit pizza recipe here from Kraft's website.  I've had so many people tell me it tastes amazing and they can't get enough of it, AND little do they know it's super easy!  From my experience of making it by following the instructions, I've made some modifications and I'll explain why. 

Here's the first one I made!



What you'll need:

1 (16.5 oz.) package of sugar cookies (I use Pillsbury from the market if I don't have time to make sugar cookies)

2 packages of (8 oz.) Philadelphia cream cheese - softened

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp of pure vanilla extract

Assorted fruits (I like to use blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and kiwis)

1/2 cup fruit preserves (I use blackberry)

2 tbsp boiling water


I follow the instructions for the cream cheese layer almost exactly, except the fact that I add half a cup more.  So I end up using 12oz instead of 8oz, this way the cookie crust is covered more. 

ALSO, I overcook the cookie crust.  This is important.  I cook it until it's browned all over.  This keeps it from becoming soggy from the cream cheese layer and leaves it at the perfect texture.

For the sauce, I avoid drizzling it over the pizza, and here's why:  It causes it to be soggy, and UGLY.  Half of the reason to make this dessert is solely based on presentation.  It preserves it longer by not adding it and keeps it looking clean. 

Now, to make the sauce, I take a half a cup of preserves (this makes more so you can use it on vanilla ice cream, yogurt, waffles, etc.) and mix it with about 2 tbsp of boiling water.  This softens it before I mush it up with a fork.  After I do this, I run it through a strainer and use a rubber spatula to thin it out to get rid of all the remaining clumps.  Once it is all through the strainer, I add some Pomegranate Kefir (a delicious yogurt drink) to make it thicker, creamy and sweet.

I hope you have fun making this as it's a super yummy treat for a nice summer dessert!