Lindsey + Kailey: Beauty in the Broken

"½ Orphan sisters following their mom's travel journal. 6 months. 10 countries. Honoring her legacy: teaching, exploring, learning."

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of photographing Lindsey + Kailey for their upcoming trip that is all explained here on Trevolta. 

"We will be volunteering — teaching English to the youth in various villages around Slovakia, and sharing the gospel with them.  The heart of this segment of our trip is to reach out to our highschool translators, getting to know them.  Our job is to encourage them towards Godliness."

They have both reached their goal, and had made it on the front page being featured on Trevolta!  Even though they have reached their goal, you can still donate as emergencies and extra costs always come up!  If anything, please pray for safe travels, and that they reach the lives of others as they travel, following in their mother's footsteps -- making a difference in other's lives and and spreading the Gospel.