Traditional American Wedding + Indian Reception | Steven + Valerie

Being a part of Steven + Valerie's wedding was an absolute blessing. Their wedding was one of the most unique and colorful weddings! They started the day off with a traditional American ceremony and ended it with a beautiful Indian reception! 

I asked both Steven + Valerie what some of their favorite things were about each other.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Valerie?
A: She is so loving, she puts others before herself and loves when there is no reason to (especially me). She is self-sacrificing and gives of her time to others. She is a woman of God who is desiring of seeing us live for God and she is faithful in everything that she does. 

Q: What is your favorite things about Steven?
A: He is so selfless, he always considers my needs before his own. He takes care of me when I'm not okay. He's very helpful in the house (these are post wedding answers). Before the wedding, I knew the first one and then I liked that he was seeking to be a man of God, and he was faithful and honest with me.