Jared + Bitsy | Palmdale Wedding

Jared + Bitsy's beautiful wedding was so much fun to be a part of. Every little detail was gorgeous from the church ceremony to the backyard reception. Getting to know them has been a blast and it was a huge blessing to be able to capture their day!

Jared: "Long story short, Bitsy and I met through Facebook - a mutual friend I knew. This mutual friend went to college with one of my childhood friends. But our mutual friend, Kaity, went to a church women's lunch and mentioned on Facebook how her and her gf's talked about nerdy stuff. I commented and said, "you should introduce me to some of your friends". And Kaity said, " Jared, meet Bitsy, Bitsy, Jared." The rest is history!

The favorite parts for me were when bits and I had our first dance and just seeing SO many people come out to support us."

Bitsy: "My favorite part of the whole wedding was right after we have each other the rings and said our vows, dad had us gave each other and Jared and I made eye contact and simultaneously mouthed "wow!" We were both so amazing that day came and we were ACTUALLY married FINALLY!!"