Kim // After four exhausting months of planning an all DIY wedding, we took an amazing, relaxing two weeks off after our wedding for our honeymoon.  We spent our first week in Key West, Florida where Jake unexpectedly got an infected toe -- which we think was caused by running in the muddy/dirty rain (which was actually humid, which we're not used to so it was really nice!) the night before it got really bad.  The day after the flash flood, Jake woke up in pain and I thought I could handle cutting his toenail correctly and easily since I had done it myself so many times from previously getting several ingrown toenails.  So I ran in the rain (which was actually really fun) from our hotel room to the nearest store -- the most overpriced Walgreens you might ever step into.  After getting the right supplies, I slowly tried to cut his nail with the twenty-two dollar cuticle clipper.  Never had I seen Jake in SO much pain before, I was scared to continue!! However, being the trooper that he is, he kept telling me to go... I went in further and further and the pain worsened as time went on.  

The infection was bad.  Real bad.  And there were no doctors or urgent care facilities around where we were staying and in just a couple of days we were flying to Fort Lauderdale because that's where we were parting for our cruise.  

After waiting for endless hours in the Key West Airport, we finally made it to Fort Lauderdale.  Well... it was Thanksgiving Day and we didn't want to spend $20 on every 10 minute car ride from taxi drivers, so we rented a car that was unfortunately way more expensive than the normal rate (because of the holiday).

Long story short... we rented a car and immediately yelped and researched urgent care facilities around the area.  I found one that had good ratings so I called the place and by God's incredible timing, the Doctor wasn't even supposed to be in that day but he needed to pick up something from his office.

The Doctor was kind enough to stay at his office and wait until we got there.  It was SO SKETCH GUYS.  Have you ever pulled up to an urgent care that looked like a HOUSE?  Well it was a house... with a mini hospital inside.  It was weird.  Back on topic - the doctor had us fill out some forms pertaining to insurance and health history.  Shortly after that, the Doctor was on the phone with Kaiser and ended up lying about Jake's vitals.  Isn't this the part where we run away?  Nope.  Then the Doctor numbed Jake's toe, sliced open the right side of his toe to drain the fluids, then he sliced the other side to cut the nail.  SO much blood came out it was a little hard to watch... but interesting too.  Every new wife loves to see some sketch doctor slice open their new husband's toe, right?

For those of you wondering, Jake's toe started healing about 2-3 days after and we were able to get back to normal activities :)

Now that you know the insanity of the first week of our honeymoon, here is the second week documented (from Jake's camera, as I still need to get to my photos) of our cruise to the Caribbean!  We ported in Princess Cays, (a private island owned by Princess Cruises - our cruise line) St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.  Describing these places individually will take up a whole other blog post though!

All images were taken on the Canon EOS M and iPhone 4s//5