The Starfire

Some of you may have seen a man around the 101/405 freeway area riding a rather eccentric bicycle.  Well, after our Valentine's Day, we had the opportunity of meeting him at Starbucks.  I asked if we could take a picture of him, but instead, we got a response from the traveling man next to him, Ted (see below, man with long dreads which took 22 years to grow!).  He didn't have any money so we bought him some food... (he insisted on ice cream and cookies).  On the way back out, we met the owner of the bike (Starfire, is its name), Lance.  Lance was an exuberant man who allowed us to take a few pictures of him.  He claims to ride 30 miles a day, and asked us to make him famous. Haha.  So here's to Lance,  let's make him famous!!