Today's Unfortunate Events

Kimberly:  I was really feeling that today would be a productive day.  As my husband and I woke up a little later than we would have liked, I rushed a batch of waffles this morning to realize we didn't even have eggs.  So we had some fluffy, eggless, not-so-delicious waffles this morning.  At the least, they were edible.  

Anyways, my main goal today was to get my name changed on my driver's license.  I went online this morning to make an appointment at the DMV to find that the earliest appointment I could make was 20 DAYS FROM NOW.  Seriously?  So I went in today, spent two hours standing under the hot sun, one hour standing inside the freezing building, one hour sitting, all to find out that I'm supposed to go to the Social Security Office before anything.  

So that shot my day... nonetheless, I thought of several projects to attempt this year -- photographically, economically, and artistically.  I think I'm going to remodel some old furniture that's falling apart in my Grandma's house so look out for some DIY's!

In other news, here's a happy baby and Toph.